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    Ambujam Krishna 

20th May 1917 to 20th October 1989


Ambujam Krishna is one of the important and well known composers of the 20th century and has left behind more than six hundred compositionsfor Carnatic music. Married to T.S.Krishna of the TVS family, Ambujam Krishna got her first song Unnai allaal in 1951 on Goddess Meenakshi,  soon after a visit to Tyagaraja’s Samadhi in Thiruvaiyaaru. While her songs are mainly in Tamil, she has also composed a good number in languages namely, Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Manipravalam. They have been set to music by stalwarts and have been published in six volumes called Gitamala. Most of her songs are in the kriti format. She has also composed in genres like kirtanams, padams, kummi, oonjal, lullaby and kilikanni.

She has composed two operas called Radha Madhavam , and  Krishna Lila Madhuryam

Cassettes and CDs of her songs have been recorded by several leading musicians. Her compositions are popular among musicians and are performed widely in concerts. Dancers have also taken up several of her compositions for abhinaya.

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